Glyndwr Innovations: Engineering Optics

Glyndwr Innovations is a leading provider of innovative product development engineering and technology consulting.  
Working from our design offices co-located with large scale R&D and assembly/integration facilities, we have the skills needed to help take an innovative concept design right the way through to product manufacture.  
We specialise in designing and manufacturing unique or prototype hardware or low volume production required in particular by the aerospace & defence, space sciences, medical & astronomy markets. We’ve been engaged by some of the world’s largest blue-chip companies as well as small, innovative start-ups who want to break into new markets.
By providing fixed price, fixed deadline solutions we help you take your technology to market faster, on budget and with reduced risk.


We have in particular expertise and advanced facilities for:

  • Precision engineering design services
  • Mechanical & opto-mechanical assembly
  • Predictive modelling (dynamic & thermal)
  • Precision polishing
  • Optical micro-structured/patterned drums


Engineering design service

Precision engineered solutions from concept to completion

Optics Information

Micro-structured patterned drums

Our unique drum diamond turning machine gives you the opportunity to replicate patterns/shapes/structures to tolerances and designs unparalleled in the world

Drum Diamond Turning Information

Photovoltaics (PV)

Applied research, testing and manufacture through the exploitation of advanced thin film photovoltaic materials

Photovoltaics Information

Precision polishing

Precision polishing of complex or large substrates such as lenses, mirrors and flats using newly developed abrasive pad and fluid jet polishing technologies.

Precision Polishing Information