Innovation for the Nation!

Innovation for the Nation!


Location: OpTIC Technology Centre, LL17 0JD

Event Description

Innovation for the Nation! Why we need innovation now more than ever.

A Wales Festival of Innovation event North Wales has often been an innovation hotspot, but many people don’t realise it.

Some of the most groundbreaking innovations have happened right here in a region more traditionally associated with tourism. Perhaps that is part of the reason – we are too good looking a region for our own good! Well, not any more… Innovation for the Nation at the OpTIC Technology Centre is going to shine a spotlight on some of the amazing and innovative businesses both large and small right here. And we want you to come and check them out, or perhaps become one of them!

North Wales is in a time of flux, just like the rest of the UK and most of the world it is facing political uncertainty, huge leaps in technology and a changing attitude to the way we all communicate and do business. This can be a great thing, as you will see there are new opportunities for businesses and innovators to make something incredible or build on what we have.

We will be showcasing some world leading businesses you may never have heard of right here in the OpTIC Technology Centre. It doesn’t stop there though…

The event will be based around two key phases, with a transition period between: 2pm – 5pm Business and Industry Innovators (Networking & Opportunities) Panel groups and talks from leading figures in business, industry and finance will make this event unmissable for anyone looking to find out about key opportunities for growth and innovation here in North Wales, whether you are based here or thinking of setting up here.

These sessions will be interspersed with networking and socialising periods where we all know some of the real deals get done. 4pm – 8pm Entrepreneurs and Makers (Socialising & Innovating) With an eye firmly fixed on the future we are encouraging existing and budding tech, science or creative practitioners to join forces with existing businesses into the evening where North Wales Tech will be hosting an open mix up session with the aim of encouraging new ideas and finding new partners.

Even better; it will be fuelled by pizza and beer (or wine)!

Area of innovation being demonstrated

New technology

Who should attend?

Any existing business involved with or with an interest in innovation either based in or interested in North Wales as a place to do business, let’s be honest – who wouldn’t be!? Also, people looking to network or entrepreneurs who might be looking to partner with other innovators or more established businesses. Maybe you just want to get an idea on where to start!

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