Surface Metrology


Metrology is an intrinsic part of any production process: in order to meet the requirements of the customer, parts and assemblies must be measured throughout processing.
Glyndŵr Innovations has specialist skills and equipment for the metrology of precision components, including optical components.

The nature of working to ultra-precision tolerances means that each surface must be assessed as part of the measurement process.
Part of the fabrications process involves the design and use of  both contact and optical testing methods.

This includes opto-mechanical support tooling created to match large optics being made, ensuring that the metrology matches the final optical support mechanism.
Our design engineers have experience in creating tooling that will ensure both the production and the testing of precision components meet specification.

The site is well equipped with a high level of metrology instrumentation and equipment, read more on our resources page



In addition, we can develop bespoke tests and tooling  for third-party metrology applications.