Fertility Awareness Week 28/10/19 – 01/11/19

Male infertility accounts for almost half of the issues faced by couples who have tried unsuccessfully to conceive. Scientists in Denmark have developed a simple, quick and reliable test kit for men to check their sperm quality in the privacy of your own home which is distributed in the UK by JR Biomedical Ltd, based at the OpTIC Centre in St Asaph.

Catherine Rees, Director of JR Biomedical said; “SwimCount is quite unlike other home tests that only indicate sperm count, our test also measures sperm motility, that is, how good they swim as well. This gives a more reliable indication of sperm quality. The listing of SwimCount by Superdrug during this year’s Fertility Awareness Week is a clear endorsement of our commitment to providing major pharmacy retailers with innovative and high quality medical products.”

Independent multi-centre trials have shown that SwimCount is as reliable as laboratory methods for determining sperm motility. For further information please visit www.myswimcount.co.uk.