Perception Insights

Business Growth Consultancy

Perception delivers real time consultancy expertise to each business we deal with. Our team have run businesses and experienced the rewards along with the bumps & bruises.

We have the tools and expertise that will Assess, Challenge and Develop a business

From assessing the operational capabilities to grow to helping to interview for a key position, we roll our sleeves up and enjoy every minute.

The challenges of every business are rarely new but they are unique to your business that’s why it is never a one size fits all approach. Sometimes it’s an informal 1-2-1 and at other times, it’s chairing a Board Meeting – our flexibility means we deliver

Developing People

We work with great people in growing businesses, to develop their abilities as the business changes. Senior personnel in developing businesses will see their role evolving, we help to develop the practical skills and ability to grow with the business.

We work with a vast range of organisations – from car manufacturers to programmers working with Microsoft and Sony. Everything is in context to the people we work with

The areas where we excel are Leadership, Business Development and Employee Engagement

  • Working with business owners and Leaders to develop their own skills
  • Building teams that are flexible, confident and appropriately challenging to embrace and drive growth
  • Build relationships that will create long term business opportunities

Name: Perception Insights
Contact Number: 01244 230376