Build and Integration


Nothing proves a concept better than building your designs. Constructing prototypes means we can evaluate and refine the concepts we have created. Creating a physical object means we can suggest improvements, refine operation and outline cost reductions before the next stage.

Many of the projects we have undertaken due to their nature have required a high degree of specialised handling and careful assembly. This has given us hands on experience with the special considerations needed for precision
work, as a result of this we can offer our skills to help with :

• Installation, integration and commissioning of bespoke scientific equipment with a particular specialism in optics and related fields
• Supply of on-site specialists to assist with the integration of a new system
• Provide assistance and advice on maintenance of an existing system

We can:

  • Provide Specialised design, analysis, integration and testing of bespoke precision engineering equipment for a number of Industries
  • Design and built high precision actuation systems designed to suit the client’s requirements, with a particular expertise with applications capable of sub-micron repeatability and low hysteresis
  • Create Cryogenic and Vacuum system designs for scientific and process industries.

Prototypes can also allow us to put the design through its paces, providing test data, reports and procedures, reducing the risk for our clients.


JP CAM Integration
Finished window being installed into JP Cam , camera system in clean room environment