Precision Optical Polishing


Glyndŵr Innovations designs and produces nano precision, complex optical components and assemblies. We are highly experienced in the production of precision optical components. The team are able to process a variety of materials, up to 2.0m diameter.

Capability exists to produce a range of surfaces including convex, concave, flat, spherical, aspheric or freeform.

Using a new process that overcomes some of the disadvantages of traditional polishing methods, the newly developed technology involves CNC polishing techniques and in-situ measurement. This enables us to produce symmetrical, aspheric or freeform optics required in high specification projects. The result is a high level of process flexibility, shorter production times and improved quality.

Supported by fully equipped metrology capabilities including re configurable 10m and 3m optical test towers and dedicated optical test benches. ( red more on our metrology page ) .

Conventional Polishing still plays a part of what we do, we have the tools , equipment and know how to undertake polishing using traditional methods.

a  580mm being polished using conventional lapping , using full aperture pitch lap.

The optics we can produce include:

  • Off axis paraboloids
  • High resolution, wide angles aspheres
  • Spherical and flat mirrors

Typical Applications for the mirrors we produce are :

  • High resolution camera lenses for unmanned space flights
  • Large mirrors/lenses for terrestrial astronomy telescopes
  • Satellite or terrestrial telescope optics
  • X-ray mirror systems
  • Test Optics

Some examples of projects we have completed are on our case studies page.

If you have a project that requires a large optic , our checklist is a good way of ensuring you give us all the information we need to give an accurate proposal.