Interferometric Test Tower

In order to Test Towerproduce the 1.4m prototype mirror segments for the E-ELT, Glyndwr Innovations developed a test tower integrated with the polishing system to allow in-situ testing of the mirror segments. In addition to state of the art interferometer, the 10m optical test tower incorporates various bespoke optical and optomechanical components and sub-systems all designed by our optical and mechanical engineering design teams. The test system is reconfigurable and can be adapted for testing other optics with different optical characteristics. Majority of the moving components of the test system are computer controlled and the entire test tower environment is thermally stable to ±0.2⁰C allowing measurements over long periods of time with high accuracy and repeatability.

The entire tower structure was designed in-house and built to a high level of accuracy and installed on a strengthened and vibration isolated foundation to ensure testing stability.




Animation of the test tower operation.