Plano-convex window

JP CAM IntegrationIMGP2519

The group has completed several prestigious projects for various scientific and advanced technology organisations including the 680mm plano-convex entrance window for the JPCAM, the large 1,200 Mega-pixel cryogenic camera, for the J-PAS Telescope.

In addition to the high precision polishing and wide-spectrum coating, the window was required to be integrated into its cryogenic frame in a cleanroom environment and verification of its compliance to the challenging vacuum and leak testing criteria.

The project was a successful utilisation of the expertise within the group from ultra-precision optical polishing, optical metrology as well as design and fabrication of the required production tooling and testing set up.  The project also involved other aspects including management of the subcontract for the coating of the window and collaboration with e2v, the manufacturer of the camera to ensure the customer requirements are met.

The customer, Centro de Estudios de Fisica del Cosmos de Aragon in charge of delivering the JPCAM to the Observatorio Astrofísico de Javalambre have expressed their satisfaction as follows:

“The J-PAS team wish to acknowledge the excellent work performed by the staff of engineers and managers at Glyndŵr Innovations.  The delivery of the cryostat to OAJ was critically dependent on the successful completion of the entrance window structure and we are most grateful for the efforts of OpTIC who supported this impressive work.”

for further information on the JP CAM project , please visit their website.